Buffet Of Recipes

Spinach Kabab In Red Gravy(Hara bhara kabab)

Hara bhara kabab or Spinach Kabab is the most popular vegetarian kabab. Learn how to make tasty, healthy green cutlets with spinach and step wise photos.


Veggie Cheese Bread Pizza

Pizza is a fantastic treat, but isn’t so easy to make at home. Here is a wonderful recipe of how to make some great bread pizza loaded with veggies and cheese at home.


Punjabi Potato Dumpling(Aloo Wadi)

Make Punjabi Potato Dumpling(Aloo Wadi) in simple steps. Punjabi wadis originated in Punjab but now are popular all over India

Buffet Of Recipes

Items Used In Indian Cuisine

papad roll
Buffet Of Recipes

Crispy Papad Rolls

Papad is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food from the India. Enjoy this very crispy and filled with veggies recipe.


Indian Spices

Here is a list of spices, Condiments and other flavouring substances commonly used in India and their English names along with Regional names.